Interview with Rachel’s box: Mélanie Heyberger on building an exclusive shopping experience for ladies

Rachels's box co-founders
Alyeska, Carolyne & Mélanie

Hi Mélanie,

We’re starting to hear more and more about your company Le Coffret de Rachel (Rachel’s box).

Since we’re passionate about e-commerce, we were actually very interested in learning more about the feminine side of the e-commerce market in which your company succeeds.

  1. For starters, could you tell us a little more about your business and what made you decide to start it? Like every great project, we know there’s a fun story to be told about its beginning and we would love for you to share it with us!
  • Mélanie :

The idea of Le Coffret de Rachel was born from a discussion between me and former colleagues, three girls passionate about entrepreneurship, fashion and e-commerce and who had daily problems with our nylon stockings!

We actually realized the nylon stocking could be a great product for the e-commerce market since you cannot try it in store, it’s easy to ship by mail and it’s an accessory found in every woman’s wardrobe; the need is recurrent.

  1. How do you position yourself on this market? Would you qualify your business as local, national or international? (Key numbers, etc.)
  • Mélanie :

Since we started, we mainly focused on the francophone market of the province of Quebec, but some of our orders come all the way from British Columbia or Ontario. We’re actually planning on getting started with the Anglophone market real soon!

  1. Looking at your website, we noticed you’re offering the possibility to buy by units and to also buy according to personalized offers if we subscribe to the monthly program. Can you tell us more about the products you offer and elaborate on your business model?
  • Mélanie :

The Coffret’s concept is quite simple: by subscribing to the program you get to receive a box of products every month. Our goal was to put the client in the center of our business model and to make our plan more flexible, which we did by doing many surveys and focus groups to rethink everything properly. We then added the personalized shopping experience in which the client is asked to answer a few style questions, to make sure she receives products that are adapted to her tastes. It is also a way for her to establish and manage the frequency of the product deliveries. She can also use the “whishlist” feature to directly select the models she likes online. Throughout the entire experience, the client is accompanied and advised, to receive the best tips on how to wear her new nylons.

The online boutique allows us to showcase our products but to also offer a unique shopping experience to the clients who would like to test before subscribing or the ones who like to do occasional purchases.

  1. As a woman I have to say I really like the products that you sell and I would be likely to guess that your clientele is mostly feminine! But who knows? Maybe you happen to have male customers as well who buy your products as gifts?
  • Mélanie :

Our masculine clientele either buys gift cards for 1, 2, 3 months of online subscription or they simply directly register their girlfriends to our box program. The idea of pampering someone every month with something pre-selected according to what they like is much appreciated.

  1. Is your customer base the same as the one you imagined it would be the day you started your business? Who is your main target?
  • Mélanie :

Our typical customer is part of the Millennial generation: she’s connected and likes to treat herself. She’s actually part of the same customer base we had when we started the business, but we still get to know her better every day!

  1. To be in the fashion industry means that you often need to face changes. How do you manage to keep up, for example regarding the change of seasons?
  • Mélanie :

Since supplying only happens twice a year, we not only need to anticipate the fashion trends to come, but also need to look at our sales forecast. Because nylon stockings are seasonal products, our challenge will be to add more summery items to our inventory, while remaining in the legwear confection.

  1. What are the techniques or tools that you use to enforce your strategic acquisition plan?  
  • Mélanie :

Content marketing currently takes an important place in our acquisition strategy. We based our plan around quality visuals that are inspiring, like our lookbook and our social network content. We also make sure to create relevant content for our targeted customers on our blog and other publications.

  1. What are your next goals?
  • Mélanie:

We want to reach out to the Canadian and Quebec Anglophone markets.

Thank you, Mélanie, for sharing all those fresh news from the industry with us! We wish you a great continuation with your e-commerce business!

Website : Le Coffret de Rachel 

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Interview by Mélissa Proust translated by Naomi Larocque