Alok Ahuja, Head of the Plus Experts Program in Shopify, and Benjamin Crudo, CEO at Diff Agency, were invited at the #34 Conference of MTL + ECOMMERCE,  to talk about their expertise.   Alok Ahuja and Benjamin Crudo talked about their work with Shopify Plus. They were accompanied by their client and merchant Yellow Shoes.


  On the #33 Conference of MTL + ECOMMERCE, Maximilien Meilleur, director of the Customer Experience in SSENSE, explained his vision of nowadays customer service. SSENSE is an international online retailer, and currently, it sells four hundred designer brands on its website and counts more than two millions page views per month. SSENSE has indeed

La boîte à bonbons

Blog Post Series: La boîte à bonbons

Enter la boîte à Bonbons This is the first of a series of blog posts we will be publishing on MTL + ECOMMERCE. Paul and I (Sarah) wanted to share our experience launching an ecommerce business in Montreal. Over the coming posts we’ll talk about strategy, customer acquisition, money management, how to setup a transactional


PURE-PLAYERS VS. BRICKS & CLICKS (BY JUSTIN COHEN, KEURIG)   MTL+ECOMMERCE #32 was about how has Keurig been choreographing their direct consumer business, with their partner retailers. Keurig has made a great contribution to the coffee industry in the last five years. Technology today has the incredible capability of driving growth for ecommerce businesses. The coffee industry

Conference summary report: MTL+ECOMMERCE #31

Magento is an open-source e-commerce platform written in PHP created in 2007. They were the main guests of our 31 edition of MTL+ECOMMERCE. Magento is the most used e-commerce platform in the world. Their first version was sold from 2008 to 2016, when they decided it was about time to roll out Magento 2, an


Podcast episode “Building Your Brand Through Local Events with Ambroise Debret”

This post first appeared on Ambroise Debret’s website.   Last week, one of our organizers has been guest of Extra Paycheck Podcast for a 67th episode about MTL+ECOMMERCE! In this 45 minute episode, he has a great conversation with Alex Sol about event organization, growth hacking and how to leverage side-projets to build your network and personal branding. This

Chronogolf team

Interview with Chronogolf : Building a BtoBtoC platform disrupting the golf industry

  Hi Guillaume, Your company, Chronogolf, was created about 3 years ago. In the last few months, Chronogolf was everywhere on the news: TVA, Canal Argent, Journal de Montréal… You’ve recently raised your second funding round for 1.5 million, congratulations ! Today, we have a few questions about your BtoC platform Chronogolf. 1.Your core business is BtoB with your golf

Interview with Rachel’s box: Mélanie Heyberger on building an exclusive shopping experience for ladies

Hi Mélanie, We’re starting to hear more and more about your company Le Coffret de Rachel (Rachel’s box). Since we’re passionate about e-commerce, we were actually very interested in learning more about the feminine side of the e-commerce market in which your company succeeds. For starters, could you tell us a little more about your business