Presentation #2 > Topic: “How to use Personalization & Customer Engagement strategies to dramatically increase revenue” by Liad Agmon.

Pareto’s famous principle implying that “80% of your sales come from 20% of your clients” is simply not true anymore. In today’s digital era, especially in the eCommerce and Media space, 50% of revenue comes from less than 5% of your users. No two users are the same, so shouldn’t you be personally engaging the one’s that bring you the most value? The problem is most businesses aren’t or don’t know how, and they’re missing out on a tremendous revenue opportunity.

In this extremely-insightful session, serial entrepreneur Liad Agmon will show you how to identify your most valuable users and cater to them on a personal level. You’ll learn how to implement multivariate testing into your optimization strategy to deliver segment-specific experiences across any channel – web, email or mobile. Most of all, you’ll walk away with a firm grasp on powerful tactics like cohort analysis for user segmentation, real-time messaging, user affinity personalization, social proofing to immediately apply to delight your customers, deepen engagement and dramatically increase conversion rates.