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We are excited to announce that our MTL+ECOMMERCE event #37 special edition will be held on Thursday, March 23rd 2017 at Shopify.

Our first speaker will be Chrystian Guy, Vice President Marketing & Growth @ CakeMail. Chrystian will be talking about how Email marketing is the most intimate type of marketing you can have with your clients. While Search focuses on Want and Social focuses on Interests, Email focuses on relationships and can trigger both Interest, Want or even Need. So, how can email tighten the bond between you and your customers?

The second presentation will be done by Charles Brun, director, enterprise sales leader @ Dynamic Yield + Noah Golberg, eCommerce Director at Mackage. Charles & Noah will be talking about how to personalize the customer journey from end to end.

They will do a 15-min fireside chat following their presentation!



*** Few tickets available at the door ***


Charles Brun

Charles Brun

  • Charles Brun
  • Director, Enterprise Sales @ Dynamic Yield