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The  startup ecosystem & Businesses are taking significant actions and initiatives to help Canadian Businesses and Individuals to deal with issues, unemployment and hardship as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak. More than ever, this is the time to collaborate, support and help the Business & startup community.

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Startups & Businesses
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We launch a call for solutions against COVID-19 Economic Hardship

We are currently working (in remote) with our Team to offer you the best support we can in this difficult time. But we are lucky! We can count on our Community, Businesses & startups to collaborate.

Altogether, we are implementing solutions to help out Startups, Developpers, Marketers & IT professionals whose employment status has been impacted by COVID19.

If you have solutions to the current crisis that you can offer in the following areas, please fill the form below:

  • Donations
  • Free trial of your technology
  • Solutions for ecommerce
  • Solutions to accelerate Digital transformation
  • Methods for organizing & implementing remote work
  • Improving production and supply methods
  • Any other technology or approach that provides solutions to the most pressing issues associated with unemployment or economic crisis.

We are proud to contribute to Montreal Business Growth

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