La boîte à bonbons

Enter la boîte à Bonbons

This is the first of a series of blog posts we will be publishing on MTL + ECOMMERCE. Paul and I (Sarah) wanted to share our experience launching an ecommerce business in Montreal. Over the coming posts we’ll talk about strategy, customer acquisition, money management, how to setup a transactional website and pretty much anything else related to ecommerce! If there is a topic you want us to blog about or have some comments to make, shoot us an email at


So, what’s all the fuss about?

You might remember us from the last MTL+ECOMMERCE meetup as community sponsors! If not, here it is. As suggested by its name, La boîte à bonbons is a candy subscription box. The process is quite simple: customers sign up, choose their favorite type of candies (sour, sweet or mixed candies) and they receive a monthly box of candies that we have carefully selected – I have to admit that sampling those candies is not the most unpleasant experience.


What’s our background?

Sarah: “After finishing my bachelor’s at John Molson, I joined HEC for the masters and that’s when I started paying attention to the Montreal startup scene. I always knew that large corporations were not meant for me, and that’s how I started working for mnubo, an IoT data analytics company. While I take care of the digital marketing strategy today, after almost 2 years there, I can say that I did a little bit of everything; a startup requires you to always be on a “learning mode”! Working with great entrepreneurs such as mnubo’s co-founders makes you a little itchy to become one as well, and that’s how we thought of La boîte à bonbons! Mostly, I will be the one leading the project, and take care of the marketing efforts and website development.”


Paul: “In 2015, I graduated from HEC Montreal, majoring in Finance. A bit by accident (and because of a passion for cuisine) I ended up at Cook it, the very first meal kit delivery service in Canada. I am now a partner there and I take care of both operations and finance. Before joining Cook it, I knew very little about ecomm or the startup community. Having the opportunity to work in an early stage startup that grew its revenues 10x over a year, gave me the opportunity to learn a lot, not only about finance or operations management but also about strategy and customer acquisition. At La boîte à bonbons, I will mainly be here to assist Sarah in managing the operations and defining our strategy.”


Why we want to blog and why should you read us?

The main reason we wanted to blog is to share our experience with the Montreal ecomm community or anyone interested in being part of it. We’ve been part of the meetups for a while, and what’s really great about this community is knowledge sharing. And so we decided that we should be doing the same, help other members of the community through our experience with La boîte à bonbons. We want to share a bit of our strategies, opinions and our (many) struggles.

Hopefully, some of you will find our posts interesting and it might perhaps bring value to your own experience. But let’s be clear, we do not pretend to know everything! Far from there. And at times, we will probably be wrong! But some of the things we are going to discuss might become of use if you are (thinking of) launching an ecomm business or are interested in the subscription business model, so keep them in mind 😉

Finally, we would like to thank all of the  MTL + ECOMMERCE team for the opportunity given. We hope to match your expectations. A special thank to Ambroise, who suggested this series of blog  posts.

– Sarah