MTL+Ecommerce # 47

Wednesday, March 21st, 2018
@ Shopify Montreal








An Event Not to be missed!

We’re happy to announce our 47th event. This event  will be packed with interesting people, great networking and of course awesome speakers. Thierry Lindor, Founder of Influence ORBIS (Influence MTL & Influence TO) and president/founder of REMAX Griffintown will be talking about how to work with influencers in order to grow your brand.

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Thierry Lindor

Thierry Lindor

Founder @ Influence Orbis

Special Guest

Special Guest


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How to work with influencers in order to grow your brand.
by Thierry Lindor

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How to go Viral in Ecommerce with Alexandre Vanier from Poches & Fils

Ever dreamt of going viral with an E-commerce idea?

That’s what Alexandre Vanier did with Poches & Fils (P&F). They started selling pocket T-shirts and went viral several times (going on Dragon’s Den as well as with exclusive videos), selling in the millions in the process. They’re Montreal-based but taking on the world, pocket by pocket!

I invited Alexandre to speak at MTL+ECOMMERCE #33 in November 2016, and it was a great talk. He shared actionable growth hacking tips with great humor to a crowd of 100+ E-commerce aficionados.

Black Friday: How to prepare your e-commerce website for the big day?

Black Friday is probably the biggest opportunity of the year for all selling products companies, especially online companies. In 2016, Black Friday generated nearly 3.34 billion business profits online. In other words, it’s an opportunity not to be missed.   In the...


A lot of companies refrain to evaluate their products on users before launching them; it’s either too expensive or it takes too much time. However user testing can save you several qualitative and quantitative costs. Indeed, if a company release a product that could...

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