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An event not to be missed!

We are happy to present our 59th event!


Yannick Gagné, Founder at Daiji Agency, will talk about how game design succeeds where marketing fail..

Andy Mauro, Co-founder and CEO at, will talk about how to use Conversational AI to drive Marketing and E-commerce performance.

Meet Our Speakers

Yannick Gagné

Yannick Gagné

Founder at Daiji Agency




Bio  :

Classic marketing is dead.

After accepting that fact, Yannick decided to unite his passions (marketing, game design and behavioral economics) to create effective and motivating strategies, centered on humans and their experiences. A non-traditional way to make your business stand out!

Presentation :

How game design succeeds where marketing fail

In 2019, most companies need to communicate with their customers online. That being said, too often those communications are cold and neutral because business communicates with “screens” instead of other people. Add to this the fact that relationships have been built face to face for a few centuries and you start at a big disadvantage. The good thing is that one industry mastered digital communications: video games. In this presentation you will learn how game-thinking can help you build better relationships with your customers online and give you an edge with your marketing.

Andy Mauro

Andy Mauro

Co-founder and CEO -




Bio : 

Andy is the co-founder and CEO of Automat, the leading conversational AI provider for brands. A dyed in the wool sci-fi nerd who has always dreamed of talking to computers, he’s spent the last 18 years working on conversational interfaces spanning phone-based speech recognition, mobile voice assistants and now messaging and bots. He’s obsessed with bringing expertise and advice to online and offline commerce, and strongly believes that the way we shop is going to be disrupted by the type of conversational AI solutions that Automat is pioneering.

Presentation :

How to use Conversational AI to drive Marketing and E-commerce performance

Brands and agencies are constantly faced with strategic choices about how to best reach, engage with, and learn about their consumers to drive sales growth. In this presentation, we will talk about the latest progress of Conversational AI technology, give insight on how consumers interact with conversational experiences before, while, and after they shop, and share best practices on how to use this new technology to transform your ad banners, landing pages and social media pages.

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Yannick Gagné – How game design succeeds where marketing fail
Andy Mauro – How to use Conversational AI to drive Marketing and E-commerce performance

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